On 11th - 12th - December 2012 in Minsk will take place the Belarusian-German seminar «Scientific and technical cooperation and technology transfer in the sphere of power efficiency and waste processing».

seminar «Scientific and technical cooperation and technology transfer in the sph
Время проведения мероприятия: 
2012-12-11 00:00 - 2012-12-12 00:00

During the Seminar will be discussed the actual directions of increase of power efficiency, recycling of wastes, the international and domestic experience in the sphere of energy saving, existing and perspective mechanisms of technology transfer and investment in the sphere of energy and waste processing.

Seminar Organizers:

  • State Committee on Science and Technologies of the Republic of Belarus
  • Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus
  • Belarusian National Technical University
  • Scientific & Technological Park «Polytechnic» at Belarusian National Technical University
  • International Sakharov Environmental University

Seminar Purposes:

  • expansion and strengthening of bilateral scientific and technical cooperation in the sphere of energy and waste processing;
  • presentations of power effective and resource-saving technologies, equipment, services;
  • exchange of experience between specialist of both countries in the field of realization of actions for energy savings and waste recycling.

To participation are invited:
- representatives of state authorities in the sphere of energy and waste management;
- representatives of the scientific, research-and-production organizations and universities of both countries;
- specialists of the enterprises of the various industries interested in use of local and alternative energy sources, waste recycling , search of optimal decisions in the field of energy and resource saving .

Seminar Topics:
1. Alternative energy sources. Renewable and nonconventional energy sources.
2. Technologies of use of local sources of raw materials.
3. Waste processing for the purpose of receiving additional sources of resources and/or energy.
4. Technologies of energy saving.
5. Automation of technological processes and management of energy and fuel resources.
6. Managerial decisions in the field of the resource saving.
7. Technologies of use of secondary energy resources. Heat-removing systems, heat recovery. Нeat-recovery equipment.
8. Technologies and equipment of an energy system.
9. Production and sale of equipment for waste processing, industrial water and air purification.
10. Services in collecting / delivery / processing of waste.

Working language – English.

To opening of the Seminar the proceedings will be published.

For participation in the Seminar we ask to send us till November 10, 2012 the application by e-mail: dudko@icm.by or natalia_dudko@mail.ru, having specified your full name, organization, position and a report subject.

Till November 24, 2012 it is necessary to send report materials on e-mail address dudko@icm.by or natalia_dudko@mail.ru.

Requirements for materials:
- article name, authors, organization, e-mail.
- format: Times New Roman font, font size - 12 pt, line spacing – 1pt.
- fields: top – 2 cm, bottom-2 cm, left – 2,5 cm, right – 1,5 cm;
- indentation – 1,25 cm.
- the maximum volume of submitted abstracts - 3 printing pages of the A4 format.

Contact person: Natalia Dudko,
phone: +375 17 296 66 26
e-mail: dudko@icm.by, natalia_dudko@mail.ru.
Scientific & Technological Park «Polytechnic» at Belarusian National Technical University